Kyouto High Kakumei! The Story

The Rebellion has begun...

Kyouto High Kakumei!, or KyouKaku (as the authors TQP affectionately call it), is a story about the daily lives and antics of four students from Kyouto High School. They unexpectedly (or was it predicted??) form the Student Rebellion to fight against the evils of the school that they study in.

The story revolves around the four main students from Kyouto High: Kazu, Nobu, Tsuki, and Miyu.

They're all juniors in one of the most elite high schools in Japan. And they all have a common hate for their school. Kazu is the school's most popular delinquent; skipping classes regularly, loudly rude to all the teachers, and dyeing his hair a startling shade of blue. Nobu is the next most popular rebel, except that he's usually just missing from class. Miyu is a transfer student, and she has a mysterious burning hatred for the only school that would take her in. Last of all, Tsuki is the most unlikely member of the group: the head student librarian, she joins the Rebellion for a just reason.

TQP brings to you a story of friendship, a slice of Life, humor, and just pure random fun. We hope everyone will enjoy it as much as we enjoy creating it. ♥

We are currently updating our website, so the comic is offline for now. We hope to update soon! ^^